It is clear that we are in the midst of battle. The lies of the enemy run rampant and seek to cause destruction and discord. However, we are called to fear not, for this victory already belongs to the Lord. With our faith fixed on the hope that is in Christ Jesus, let us stand firm to what we know to be true, the very Word of God.


  1. This message hits like a hammer to anyone who has forgotten how to measure what is happening in the world against the one true standard – The Bible. So often, we measure what is happening in the world by the world and in so doing give up ground little by little until we no longer know where we are or where we stand. Praise God for a pastor that makes no apologies in taking these issues head on and a church that is hungry for God’s truth and victory in their lives.

  2. Thank you, Sean. I just had to hear this in its entirety. Thank you
    for being NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Chist. My heart for you and your congregation is that you will continue to be strong and preach the Word of God … and that thru you many , many shall
    come to know our God. I am suggesting this to be viewed by a no.
    of my friends. Love, Aunt Paulie

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