Pastor Sean Obergfell kicks off the a new series entitled, “Family: Love, Live, Forgive.” Marriages are the very foundation of family, and our enemy will do all that he can to destroy the unity of a man and woman who are in pursuit of God. The Bible makes it clear that marriage is to be held in high honor and when done right, it demonstrates the love of Christ for His church. However, if you want see the blessings of God in your marriage and in your family, then you must make the choice to do it according to His way. That decision is made today.

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  1. Loved the service last night 6/1. I have heard many many sermons about stewardship, but none as engaging and full of truth as what was preached last night. The music was fantastic as well. My son, Bob, a very talented musician home from college, was blown away. It was the first service he had been to. We have gone to church every Sunday as he was growing up, but last night, he said “thanks, Mom for taking me to church.”

    Keep doing what you are doing, it’s fantastic!

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